Gym & Fitness


After purchasing the Gym & Fitness, you’ll receive the following file.

Download and unzip the “BVI_Gym_and_Fitness” zip file to your computer. Once you’ve unzipped the ‘BVI_Gym_and_Fitness’ file, you’ll find the following files inside:

    • BVI_Gym_and_Fitness.json
    • license.txt


To import the layouts:

    1. Go to your WordPress dashboard.
    2. Navigate to Divi >> Divi Library.
    3. Click on the Import/Export option.
    4. Navigate to the Import tab.
    5. Click the “Choose File” button and locate the unzipped folders containing the JSON files. Then, select the file named “BVI_Gym_and_Fitness.json” for import.
    6. Click the ‘Import Divi Builder Layouts’ button.


Add the Gym and Fitness Layout Style to your pages:

Here’s how to do it:

      • Navigate to your pages: In your WordPress dashboard, go to Pages > All Pages (or Add New if you’re creating a new page).
      • Activate the Divi Builder: Click to use the Divi Builder and activate the Visual Builder.
      • Access the Load From Library menu: Open the settings menu at the bottom of any section and click the Load From Library plus icon on the left.
      • Choose the template style: In the Load From Library modal that pops up, click the Add From Library tab and select the BVI_Gym_and_Fitness from the list. This will load the selected style onto the page.

Full Page Import

    1. Open the Divi Library.
    2. Select the JSON file.
    3. Create a new page.
    4. Click the Plus icon and choose “Load From Library”.
    5. Select the library file you want to import.
    6. Save and exit the page builder.


How to Import a Divi single page layout in Your Website.